Galactic Girl Jana Cova

Dildo sex with jana Cova
Dildo sex with jana Cova

Galactic Girl Jana Cova is on a mission to combat the growth of the Evil Alien Empire! Armed with her Pulse Beam Weapon, Jana begins to survey the Probe apparatus. Suddenly, the Tentacles come to life and begin to Suck Her In, disarming her and wrapping her into their Sucking Web! The more Jana Cova struggles, the more powerful the Alien Sucking Tentacles become, forcing themselves into her mouth! As Jana bites and struggles with one Alien Tentacle, the other makes its way into her Hot Pussy…she is losing the battle!!! The Alien Pussy suckers begin to fully take control and Spacegirl Jana Cova has been subdued for the NEXT STAGE of Alien Pussy Control!!!

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